What Are The Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is known among the health community to have a lot of health benefits for your body. However, most people don't know this little fact.It has become a popular health secret nowadays and has even been used by celebrities.Even though this is a health secret does apple vinegar really work or is this just another health fad?

This article will help you see the health benefits of apple cider vinegar to your body and your household.

What is Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is a type of vinegar that is made from apple must, or cider, that has a pale amber color. It is made by squeezing the juices from an apple and fermenting it with bacteria and yeast to form alcohol.It is commonly used as dressings on salads, as a natural food preservative, and even vinaigrette.

Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrition Facts

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, every 100 grams of the apple vinegar contains:

  • Calories: 22 g
  • Total fat: 0 g / 0 %
  • Cholesterol: 0 g
  • Sugar: 0.4 g
  • Sodium: 5 mg / 0%
  • Potassium: 73 mg / 2%
  • Iron: 1%
  • Magnesium: 1%

This type of vinegar is safe for your diet as it has 0 grams of total fat. That means there is zero saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and trans fat. The apple cider or AVG also has less than 1% of sugar, so it is even safe for those with diabetes.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar

Aside from the common household use of the ACV, it is also used in many ways because of its health benefits.

1) Regulates Blood Sugar

High blood sugar may occur in people because of their lifestyle and diet. Having a consistent high sugar in your body will lead to diabetes. This is caused when the body doesn't produce enough insulin to neutralize the sugar, or when the body becomes resistant to insulin. Even if you don't have diabetes, if you have a consistently high blood sugar level, it leads to many chronic diseases and can make aging faster.

It has antiglycemic properties which aid in the regulation of blood sugar. When you have a high-carb diet, ACV helps block in digesting starch that forms glucose, maintaining a lower blood sugar.

2) Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death today. It is caused by many environmental and diet factors. High cholesterol is one of the major causes of many types of heart diseases.

Various studies have shown that it can aid in lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure, both of which are contributing factors to heart diseases.

There was also a study from Harvard which showed that women who eat salad with apple vinegar dressings are less likely to have cardiovascular diseases.Moreover, it is said to be a great remedy for heartburn and acid reflux.

benefits of apple cider vinegar

3) Acts as a remedy for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, add apple vinegar in your diet strategy. Acetic acid is present in all kinds of vinegar, including AVG. The acetic acid helps in suppressing your appetite and at the same time increase your body's metabolism. When using a weight loss exercise and diet routine, pairing it with apple vinegar helps a lot in contributing to faster and a more effective weight loss regimen.

4)  Detoxifies Your Body

It has antioxidant properties which help remove free radicals from your body to help you gain a stronger immune system. More so, it frees your body from harmful toxins which can cause diseases. Detoxification also helps improve bowel movement that aids in the releasing of toxins from the body more quickly.

5) Can Also be Used for Home Cleaning

Apart from taking it internally either raw or mixed with food, apple vinegar is also great to use for household cleaning.

By simply mixing half and half of water and apple vinegar, you can have an all-purpose, non-toxic anti-bacterial cleaner. You can use it to clean your entire house, including the bathroom and kitchen.Mixing apple vinegar, salt, and dish washing soap to water can make a great weed killer. Simply spray it, and you are sure to remove pesky weeds from your beautiful garden, safely.

It is also an effective deodorizer. Placing ACV in a room helps remove any bad smells, giving you a fresh, clean, and fragrant room once again, without using chemicals.While apple vinegar is widely available in the market today and is sold in most grocery and convenient stores, you can also try making your own homemade apple vinegar.

How to Make a Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Chop the apples into medium pieces, and place the apples in a clean sterilized jar.

2. Prepare a solution of water and sugar, and pour it into the jar with your sliced apples. Make sure that the solution fills the apples.

3. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth. A paper towel will also work. Then seal it with a piece of tape or rubber band.

5. Strain the liquid into another container.

6. Cover the new container with the same covering that you used previously. You can also transfer the liquid to the jar that you previously used.

7. Store it in the same space where you stored your jar.

8. Open it once every few days and stir it gently. Do this regularly for about 4-6 weeks.

9. After four weeks, try to taste the vinegar. If it has reached your preferred acidity, you can take it out and start to use it. It not, store it for a few more days until it reaches the desired taste.

10. Start using your homemade apple vinegar.

There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar both for your body and for your household. Though some health claims aren't scientifically proven yet to be effective, many people have already attested to the benefits of apple cider vinegar. If you want to know if it really provides positive effects, start trying it yourself. You may be surprised by the good things that it can do for you.

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